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The NR team is composed of highly experienced professionals. Our company is strongly committed to providing high-quality work and maintaining a safe working environment.

About Us 

North River Mechanical Co. Inc. is a family-owned mechanical contracting business that was created by Josh Guthrie. Josh is a local who is married to his wife Jayme of 13 years, and has four beautiful girls. Josh has almost 18 years in experience in the mechanical commerical/industrial field that serves Northport, Alabama and its surrounding areas. Since 2016, NR has been providing piping, plumbing, steel fabrication and installation, and related services for the construction aspects of the government, industrial, healthcare, and commercial sectors.

Our Mission

We aspire to always act respectfully and conduct ourselves in accordance with our shared values.


We believe that honest acts help build respect, trust, and loyalty. This is why we nurture a culture of personal accountability, encouraging our NR team to always do the right thing by each other and those we serve outside the team.


We are all leaders serving each other, our customers, and our communities. We want to demonstrate servant leadership by adding value to others.


We embrace hard work. The work ethic and desire to continually exceed the highest standards make the NR Team valuable to our customers and communities.

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